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Artists Statement:

My art is three-dimensional autobiography told using objects with personal significance that serve as a conduit to a memory or feeling and act as an idiosyncratic, symbolic vocabulary. I create primarily shadowboxes that explore personal experience inspired by the found object, or I may seek out items related to the story or issue I want to explore. As objects come together the narrative strengthens and the pieces take form.

The work has a playful character that upon deeper inspection reveals a darker aspect that may not be immediately perceived. I address gender and issues related to sexual orientation, repression, depression, regret and loss and yet the whimsical quality of the work makes it appealing, engaging and amusing.

The process and experience is for me is about the exploration of identity and reconnecting with an authentic self. The resulting pieces share personal experience is a way that is sometimes cryptic and surreal while also being accessible as universal.


Born New York, NY. Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA.


1982 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Conservatory Acting Program SUNY at Purchase

Art Center College Of Design with Franklyn Liegel


Current And Upcoming:

05.06.17 | “Made In California” | City Of Brea Art Gallery

04.08.17 | Allergies:A Flower Show | SugarMynt Gallery

02.17 | “Personal Narrative” | Annenberg Community Beach House | Curators Diane Williams and Sheli Silverio

Solo Shows

03.14 | “Play Therapy” | Wallspace LA Gallery | Curator Valda Lake

Group Shows

02.17 | “Personal Narrative” | Annenberg Community Beach House | Curators Diane Williams and Sheli Silverio

02.17 | “Make America…” | Gallery 825/LAAA | Curator Nancy L. Meyer

12.16| “Open Show” | Gallery 825/LAAA

11.16 | “Mas Attack” | Torrance Art Museum

10.16 |”Systems + Process” | Angel City Brewery | Curators Sheli Silvrerio and Diane Williams

09.16 | “All Media 2016 | Irvine Fine Arts Center | Curator Dan Cameron

08.16 | “Play” | Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery

07.16 | “CA 101” | South Bay Galleria Mall | Curator Nina Zak Laddon

07.16 | “LA Artcore 2nd Annual Online Competition & Exhibition” | LA Artcore Brewery Annex | Jurors Andi Campognone, Peter Frank, Tracey Landworth, Ramone Munoz, Mark Steven Greenfield

06.16 | “Out There” | Gallery 825/LAAA | Curators Francisco George and William Escalera

06.16 | “The Next Big Thing” |Studio Channel Islands | Curator Peter Mays

02.16 | “This Foolish Game” | Gallery 825/LAAA | Curator Kurt Mueller

07.15 | “Osmosis” | Wallspace LA Gallery |Curator Valda Lake

06.15 | “Out There” | Gallery 825/LAAA |Curators William Escalera and Francisco George

04.15 | “small time” | Gallery 825/LAAA |Curator Cris McCall

06.14 | “Synthesis” |Wallspace LA Gallery |Curator Valda Lake

02.14 | “Habitual” | Gallery 825/LAAA | Curator Mills Moran

10.13 | “Pop Uber Alles” | Gallery 825/LAAA | Curator Timothy Potts

11.13 | “DiscARTed” | Ojai Art Festival, Ojai CA | Curator Deborah Munk

04.13 | “One” | Wallspace LA Gallery | Curator Valda Lake

10.12 | “Vivacity” | Wallspace LA Gallery | Curator Valda Lake

12.11 | “Art Traffic” | The Advocate & Gochis Gallery, LA CA

06.08 | “Out There” | Gallery 825/LAAA | Curator Cliff Benjamin

03.08 | “Art Objects” | The Advocate & Gochis Gallery, LA CA|Curator Allison Moon

06.07 | “Out in NoHo” |NoHo Gallery, LA CA|Curator Dan Debevoise

11.06 | “Invisible Realities” | Satsuma Gallery, LA CA| Juror Paul Botello


11.06 | Best In Show | “Invisible Realities” | Satsuma Gallery | Juror Paul Botello